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Tree Removal

Tim Allen's Tree Services Specializes in removal of trees large and small while keeping safety in mind. Although we don't take quite as much time to remove them as these lads from Colorado in the 1890's....We take just as much pride in our work.

Brush Chipping

Tim Allen's Tree Services have been contracted by Parks Canada, St. Lawrence Parks Commission, The City of Brockville, Bell Canada, Hydro One, The City of Perth, and many more. whether to save a tree, prune a tree or remove trees, having tree work done by a properly trained ISA Certified Arborist can save you money. Proper pruning cuts heal better and faster and reduce any future pruning needs. Though we work on over 5000 trees per year I remember one thing my Dad told me; "it doesn't matter what you do in life as long as you're the best at it." I believe our crews have this in mind every day. I make sure of it!


Tim Allen's Tree Services also specializes in removal of trees which pose a threat to safety. This is why Allen's is contracted by Benson Public School in Cardinal, Ontario. Kids need a safe place to play. This contract involved a thorough cleanup of overhanging hazards in tricky areas around a playground. A typical job for Tim Allen's Tree Services

Stump Grinding

Tim Allen's Tree Services can remove problem stumps in minutes. Using specialized stump grinding equipment, removal of large stumps in hard to get at areas becomes affordable. A light, self-propelled grinder can move to the stump area, grind it away and do it in the most environmentally acceptable way.


Tim Allen's Tree Services has provided rental services to contractors and homeowners alike. Whether providing bucket truck service to electricians replacing street lights, or renting a brush chipper to a homeowner, the results are the same. Customer Satisfaction.

Christmas tree installation and decorating

Tim Allen's Tree Services has provided Christmas tree installation and decorating services for the City of Brockville's tree which they donated and decorated.

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