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Tree Services in Kemptville

Tree Services in Kemptville

Kemptville Tree Removal

Why should I remove a tree from my property?

There are a number of reasons for removing a tree from your property. Some of which include:

  • Diseased – Disease can quickly spread from tree to tree. If you have a diseased tree, it is critical that you remove the infected portions as soon as possible to prevent the spread of disease.
  • Dead – Dead or dying trees should be removed for safety purposes. Weak and brittle limbs can easily break off and potentially fall onto you, your home, or passersby.
  • Hazardous – If a tree is leaning over a building, close to a power line, or threatening the structural integrity of a foundation, the tree should be removed for your protection.

How much does tree removal cost?

The cost of removal depends on a number of different factors. Some of which include:

  • Size – The height of a tree tends to be the biggest factor in the cost of removal, but the diameter of a tree also plays a role in the final price. A thicker stump is more costly to grind than a slimmer stump.
  • Condition – Healthy, strong trees usually cost more to remove than dead, dying, or rotting trees. Weak and brittle limbs can be removed easier and faster than sturdy branches.
  • Location – For liability reasons, trees that are in close proximity to a home or building are generally more expensive to remove than trees that are at a safe distance.

Kemptvile Tree Trimming & Pruning

When is the best time to prune a tree?

Tree trimming and pruning should be performed when a tree is dormant. Dormant-season tends to occur at the end of winter, and occasionally at the beginning of spring depending on the tree type. Tree pruning during this period will help to reduce the risk of disease and promote new growth. When performed by a professional tree service company, tree pruning yields a number of benefits. Some of which include:

  • Aesthetics – Removing unwanted branches will ensure that the design and shape of your tree is aesthetically pleasing and to your liking.
  • Health – The removal of diseased or dead branches will improve the health and prolong the life of a tree significantly.
  • Reduce Risk – Branches blocking road signs, such as stop signs, put motorists and pedestrians at risk. Trimming these branches will ensure that the view of the road sign is unobstructed.

*Weak, brittle, or dying tree limbs can be trimmed or removed at any point during the year.

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