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Tree Services in Brockville

The city of Brockville and the surrounding areas are full of different tree species. Trees work to keep us healthy and bring beauty to our communities and green spaces. As a commercial or residential property owner, it is essential to know a tree specialist that you can trust, and that is where Tim Allen's Tree Services comes in.

Our expert team has been working in the tree industry for years. We deliver superior tree planting, pruning, and tree care services at competitive rates. We take pride in maintaining the natural beauty of our neighborhoods and communities.

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Tim Allen's Tree Services Arborists: Maintain the Health of Your Trees

Healthy trees bring fresh air and undeniable beauty to any property. However, trees that are unhealthy or diseased can cause significant problems and put the safety of your landscape at risk.

It is not uncommon for trees to experience insect infestations and disease, but it is vital to address these issues before they escalate. If you notice holes in your tree trunk, discolored leaves, or a thinning canopy, your arbor may be at risk.

When you get in touch with our experts, we will carefully survey the suspected issues and develop a treatment plan depending on the specie and age. We may choose to apply nourishing soil, prune the tree roots, or trim out diseased areas to promote healthy growth.

Professional Tree Pruning Services

Having the trees and bushes on your lawn pruned on an annual or bi-annual basis, is crucial. Let’s explore why:


Pruning restores the beauty of your trees and controls their shape. It also allows for better sunlight and airflow on your property.

Health and Safety

Pruning also allows the opportunity for healthier growth. By cutting away dead wood and decay, you will also make the tree less vulnerable and volatile, protecting your home or business against the risk of falling branches.

Growth of Other Species

When a mature tree’s canopy is too large, it blocks out sunlight and nutrients from reaching smaller trees, plants, or grass below. Pruning will allow these younger species a better chance to live.

Tree Planting, Stump Removal, and More!

Whether you wish to plant half a dozen new trees on your property, remove an older tree, or unsightly stump, Tim Allen's Tree Services is happy to help.

Our tree care services are:

  • Versatile
  • Customized
  • Safe
  • Affordable

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Brockville’s Best Tree Company Is Here for You!

The experts at Tim Allen's Tree Services have been completing top quality tree removal, planting, pruning, and maintenance services for many years. We are proud to be trusted by home and business owners alike.

If the trees on your property need a little TLC, we are the experts to call.

We offer our services on an emergency, and by-appointment basis, so don’t hesitate to reach us if you have pressing concerns about the trees on your property.

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