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Tick Removal in Kingston

Tim Allen's Tree Services has been providing the community of Kingston with reliable and affordable tick removal services for years. We are proud to host a team of highly experienced and certified experts and strive to make customer care and satisfaction our number one priority.

If you are dealing with ticks, don’t wait for the problem to escalate. Get in touch with us today at (613) 345-2345 and book an appointment with our professional team.

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Tick Removal Services in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston and the surrounding area are known to have high populations of ticks. At Tim Allen’s Tree Services, we are on a mission to make Kingston a safer place to live. We want residents to be able to enjoy their time spent outdoors without having to worry about ticks or Lyme disease, which is why we offer effective and affordable tick removal services to the entire area, including The Thousand Islands. I, Tim Allen, have 7 friends who have contracted Lyme disease in the past 5 years. It is a life-destroying disease and that’s why I decided to do something about it. Both my 3 year old daughter and I each had 2 ticks each on our bodies in one summer before I started dusting our property. Since then we haven’t seen even one in 2 summers.

Fast and Effective Tick Removal Services

At Tim Allen's Tree Services, our goal is to stop ticks in their tracks before they infiltrate your home and affect your family, employees, or animals.

It is not uncommon to have ticks on your property, but these pests can be hard to detect and even harder to get rid of. If you have found a tick, or suspect that a tick has bitten your family or pet, it’s essential to contact a team of experts right away.

We will deliver a detailed and comprehensive inspection of your home or business property to determine the extent of the problem, before moving on with thorough and effective removal.

Tick Removal: Inspecting Your Property

When you get in touch with us, we will set you up with an inspection right away. We will prioritize your situation and ensure we are at your door before the issue can spread.

We may search for ticks in the following areas:


  • In your pet's crate or bed
  • In upholstered furniture
  • Around entry points
  • Around baseboards


  • On trees, bushes and tall grass
  • In dense bushes
  • In piles of yard debris
  • Near rocks and retaining walls
  • Any space your pet spends time in

We will also discuss with you the issues you have been facing and the most appropriate course of action depending on your budget and schedule.

Comprehensive Tick Removal and Affordable Rates

At Tim Allen's Tree Services, we understand the importance of removing ticks from your property. We want to be able to remove ticks from as many homes and businesses as possible, and are proud to offer our professional services at highly competitive rates.

We are committed to providing our clients with transparent pricing and will let you know the cost of the removal service before getting started.

Keeping it Green

Here at Tim Allen’s Tree Services, we specialize in tick removal from parklands, recreational properties, and residential lawns, and use a very powerful and lethal tick solution. You may be thinking that this solution must contain high levels of harsh chemicals to stop ticks dead in their tracks, but, on the contrary, the product we use harnesses the natural powers of the earth. Diatomaceous earth, also known as “DE”, is a food-grade material made of sharp, powdered fossil shells, which get stuck between their exoskeleton joints and pierce their bodies’ outer shell.

Safe and Effective

At Tim Allen’s Tree Services, our expert arborists can dust any residential or commercial property with diatomaceous earth because it is non-toxic to humans and animals. In fact, it is often used in storing grains, like cereal, pasta, and bread. So almost everybody has eaten it before.

When it comes to your health and safety, don’t settle for any tick removal company. At Tim Allen's Tree Services, we are passionate about the work we do. Protecting Kingston and surrounding areas from ticks and their associated risks is our greatest honor.

Our Team of Tick Removal Specialists

All our arborists are highly trained and have experience conducting tick removal on properties of all kinds. We take a customer-oriented approach to tick removal. We will ensure that you are aware of the gravity of your situation, as well as our rates and removal methods before we get our work underway.

All of our specialists are more than happy to answer your questions and address your concerns at any point in time, so don’t hesitate to ask.

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We care about what we do and we strive to meet our clients’ complete satisfaction with every job we take on. If you are in Kingston and want to know more about Diatomaceous earth or our tick removal methods, get in touch with today. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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