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Tick Eradication Kingston ON

Tick Eradication in Kingston, ON

Ticks cannot jump or fly, and can be as small as a poppy seed. But don’t be fooled by their size, these blood sucking parasites can be dangerous. It is estimated that 50% of ticks carry Lyme disease, an infectious disease caused by Borrelia bacteria. Ticks travel from host to host and are capable of transmitting infections to any warm-blooded creature. Early symptoms of Lyme disease include rashes and flu-like symptoms and later symptoms include joint pain and neurological problems.

Tick numbers on the rise

If you live in the Kingston, ON area, you may have heard that the tick population is growing. According to Health Canada, Thousands Islands region, Point Pelee National Park, Rondeau and Turkey Point Provincial Park and the national wildlife area are known endemic areas for Lyme disease.

Our commitment to Kingston, ON

Here at Tim Allen’s Tree Service, this is an issue that hits close to home. Our team of 22 employees has had dozens of engorged ticks within the past two years, which required antibiotics to reduce the risk of developing Lyme disease. Additionally, we know 7 people who are currently fighting the disease. For these reasons and more, we are committed to stopping Lyme disease before it starts. We proudly offer tick eradication services to the entire Kingston, ON area. Our tick treatment is non-toxic, highly-effective and can be applied on any yard, park, or property.

Contact us

While we offer many tree services to the people of Kingston, ON , we take great pride in our tick control services. We know that it is because of what we do that allows people to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of ticks. If you are in or around Kingston, ON and have concerns about ticks, give us a call or send us an email. Having been in the tree industry our whole lives, we are happy to share our information with you.